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Научный журнал Nuclear Energy and Technology (NUCET), издаваемый НИЯУ МИФИ – в Scopus

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Научный журнал Nuclear Energy and Technology (NUCET), издаваемый НИЯУ МИФИ, был принят в базу данных Scopus

Nuclear Energy and Technology (NUCET) – научный рецензируемый журнал на английском языке, освещающий актуальные проблемы ядерной энергетики.

Издается с 2015 г.

Учредитель – НИЯУ МИФИ.

Периодичность выхода – четыре номера в год.

Nuclear Energy and Technology (NUCET) provides an international medium for the communication of original research, ideas and developments in all areas of the field of nuclear energy, education and training, science and technology, modelling and benchmarking of nuclear codes.

Its scope embraces nuclear fuel, nuclear power plant operation and life cycle, fuel cycles and cost, materials, processing, system and component technology, design and optimization, direct conversion of nuclear energy sources, reactor physics, heat transfer and fluid dynamics, structural analysis, fuel management and reprocessing, future developments, nuclear fuel and safety, neutron physics, computer technology (both software and hardware), modelling and benchmarking of nuclear codes, risk assessment, radioactive waste disposal and reactor thermal hydraulics, nuclear education and training and supporting technologies.

Papers submitted to NUCET need to demonstrate a clear link to nuclear power generation/nuclear engineering/nuclear education/nuclear science.


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